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Built in 1963, Bolling Brook is indicative of other three and four-story condominium complexes in Northern Virginia. There are 16 resident buildings with red brick exterior, 24 foot balconies, and brown awnings over each entry way. First level units have large patios with white picket fences.

Each building has sufficient parking outlined with grass and lush vegetation. The common areas are surrounded by large oak, pine and apple blossom trees which provide a welcome home to the numerous birds in the area. A city park with jungle gym, swings and merry-go-round is located at the back of the complex. There is a community pool which is open to residents during summer months, located on the southern edge of the complex.

Properties range from one bedroom to three bedroom layouts. Security access and mailboxes are located in each building's entry ways. All units have storage spaces located in the basement of each building.

At a glance:
• 225 apartments
• 1- and 2-, & 3-bedrooms
• 16 buildings
• garden-style
• (4 floors, 4 apartments/floor)
• Alexandria, Virginia
• Just off King Street, near I-395
• 5 miles southwest of the Washington Monument
• Over 70% Owner Occupants

What we offer:
• Affordable home ownership
• Excellent school system
• Central convenient location
• City park with playground

Typical Bolling Brook Unit Layout

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