Monday, October 29, 2007

Board Members Launch Redesigned Website
Among many of the projects this summer, Board Members
launch a redesigned website today. The old website housed
some basic, static information and was in much need of a

The new website offers a new design, more information and
some new tools to that will facilitate communication between
the Board/Management and residents. It also provides a means
with which Board Members can make updates to the website
without programming experience or knowledge. Since Board
Members change every couple years, this will make the transfer
of website responsiblities a much easier transition.

New Tools and Information:
News Releases
Board and Office Contact Forms
For Sale and Rental listing
Community Photo Gallery
3D Complex Photo
Image of Complex Outline
3D Image of Community (10 Mile Radius)
Dynamically Updated Calendar
Resident Intranet
Community News
Poll of the Month Widget
Area Weather Widget
Resident Blog
Newsletter Archives
Rules and Regulations
Resident Alerts
Content Manager
and other useful resources

These tools will provide information you need, when you need
it. The management office closes after business hours. This
website is always open. They help residents list their
condominium for sale and provide a photo gallery for their
prospective buyers.

Have a guest coming to visit? Send them to our website where
they can get quick directions and an image of complex outline
so they can easily find your location. Residents can express
their opinion using the Poll of the Month or the resident blog
and listerv.

We've put a lot of effort into the design, information and tools
available on this site and hope you find them useful. However,
if you have any suggestions on improvements you'd like to see
on the site, please contact Heather Bingham.

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