The Board of Directors disbanded all committees during 2007, with the exception of the Communications Committee and the mandatory Covenants Committee. The Board found the other committees unnecessary. However, when extra projects or assistance is needed, a committee may be established on a temporary basis to assist the Board in making decisions and accomplishing necessary projects (i.e. establishing a budget). If you live here, and are interested in one or more of the committee tasks, please join us! We make Bolling Brook a better place for all of us.

Committee membership is open to all residents. Help us out! If you’d like to help, we’d love to have you! Please contact a committee member.

Communications Committee

Mission statement
The Communications Committee works to keep the community informed by managing and updating the website and publicizing committee and board meetings.

Chair: Johnny Raisinger -

Covenants Committee

Mission Statement
The Covenants Committee works to assist the Board and Management company in enforcing the Rules and Regulations for Bolling Brook.

Chair: Aleks Kyriienko
Member: Jack Chelsey
Member: Helen Britz

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