Board of Directors (2018)

The Board of Directors is a critical part of the community. They serve as liaison to the management company and an advocate to the residents. All board members are elected by the community and volunteer 100% of they're time on behalfof the community. If you have the chance, please take thetime to thank them for their service. The list of current Boardmembers is below.

Jon Ortiz,President - Term of service ends: November 2018

Tim Hucko, Vice President - Term of service ends: November 2018

Jon Greger,Treasurer - Term of service ends: November 2018

Rob Van Hooser,Secretary - Term of service ends: November 2018

JohnnyRaisinger, Board Member - Term of service ends:November 2018

Lisa Kyriienko,Board Member - Term of service ends: November 2018

Helen Britz, Board Member - Term of service ends: November 2018

Let us know!
If anything here does not meet your expectations, please tell somebody. You can call our office, contact our managing agent, or contact a member of our Board of Directors.

Committee Members:
Resident committees are open to all owners and residentsof Bolling Brook. You are encouraged to attend and participatein meetings. Committees work to discuss, research and make recommendations to the Board on various issues affecting the community. For more committee information Click here

Organization Unit Owners Association
The owners ofour 225 apartments (“units”) form the Bolling BrookCondominium Unit Owners Association. Unit owners havevotes in the Association proportional to the square feet of theircondos (which also determines their condo fees). Each fall, theUnit Owners Association holds an annual meeting to electdirectors to the Bolling Brook Condominium Unit OwnersAssociation Board of Directors. This is in accordance with ourbylaws, which were issued “pursuant to the requirements ofArticle 3 of the Condominium Act.”

Board ofDirectors
After each annual meeting, the new Board ofDirectors meets to elect officers. After that, the board meetsmonthly to direct the business of the Association. According toour bylaws, “Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the conductof the meetings of the Board of Directors, when not in conflictwith the Condominium Act or the condominium instruments.”Directors are volunteers; they receive no compensation fortheir services.

In 2007, theBoard of Directors voted to eliminate all committees exceptthe Covenants Committee and the CommunicationsCommittee. The Board and community welcomes volunteersfor these committees and assistance with any of the following:

• Landscaping
• Parking

If the Boardfinds it necessary, a committee will be established on a short-term basis to assist that Board with issues in the community. Membership for these temporary committees is open to Board members, unit owners, and renters. Each committee selects its chair.

The Unit Owners Association has one staff member (employees):
• Senior Resident Manager: Levi Klinger

Employees are employed by the Unit Owners Association,but are managed by Legum and Norman ManagementCompany

Managing Agent
Section 3.2 ofour bylaws states: “The Board of Directors shall employ forthe Condominium a ‘managing agent’ at a compensation to be established by the Board.” Our managing agent is Legum and Norman Management Company.

Other Contractors
The Condominium employs contractors to provide services to the Community.

Unit Owners Association
The owners of the 225 units at Bolling Brook form an unincorporated entity, the Unit Owners Association. The Unit Owners Association is the ultimate authority at Bolling Brook. Each fall, the Unit OwnersAssociation has an annual meeting. At this meeting, directorsare elected to the Board of Directors. As of January 2015,resident owners comprise 48% of the Unit Owners Association.

Board of Director Meetings

When: Monthly meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m but please check the calendar first for possible rescheduling.

Where: FairlingtonUnited Methodist Church, Room 111, 3900 King Street,Alexandria Virginia 22302

Order of business
1. Reading and Approval ofMinutes
2. Unit Owner Opportunity to Comment
3. Reports of Officers, Boards, and Standing Committees
4. Report of Management Company
5. UnfinishedBusiness and General Orders
6. New Business

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